Morgan BRINKER and related lines

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About Morgan BRINKER and related lines
Growing up, you never think to ask who, what, when or where.  Seven years ago, 
I began searching for our roots only to realize those who have gone before us 
took the information to their graves. The search for our roots has been quite a 
puzzle.  Along the way, I have been introduced to relatives of relatives of 
relatives, all searching for that common ancestor.  For me, it was Morgan 

My Great Great Great Grandfather, Morgan BRINKER, was born about 1822 in what 
is believed to be Logan County, Kentucky; this has not be documented.  He died 
sometime between February 1857 and September 1860; this is based on the 
birth of his youngest son, William H. BRINKER, who was born in November 1857 
and the marriage of his widow, Ruanna CRUSICK BRINKER, who married John BURKE 
on 29 September 1860.  It is presumed that he died in Indiana, however, this also has 
not been documented. 

There are several trains of thought on the ancestry of Morgan BRINKER, although 
none are documented that I'm aware of. One train of thought is that he is the 
son of Joseph BRINKER who is found in the 1830 U. S. Federal Census of Henry 
County Kentucky. Another is that he is the son of Rachel BOWMAN BRINKER WELCHER 
(Widow of Charles BRINKER)and brother of Charles BRINKER, the son of Rachel BOWMAN 
BRINKER who can be found in the 1850 U. S. Federal Census, Jackson Township, Decatur 
County,Indiana.  Lastly, that he is the brother of James M. BRINKER, who's 
parents were Henry (Andreas and Regula BRINKER line) and Anna Catherine BRINKER 
according to one researcher.

Very little is known about Morgan BRINKER other than what has been found in the 
1850 Jackson Township, Decatur County, Indiana Census.  The census shows Morgan 
and Ruanna (CRUSICK) BRINKER with six children living in the household.  

Morgan married Ruanna CRUSICK who was born about 1824 in Indiana on April 13, 
1843 in Decatur County, Indiana. Known children of Morgan and Ruanna (CRUSICK) 

Mary M. BRINKER, born 1844 in Indiana
James M. BRINKER who was born January 16, 1846 in Indiana
Hulda Jane BRINKER who was born July 31, 1855 in Columbus, Bartholomew County, 
Francis A. BRINKER who was born 1848 in Indiana 
William H. BRINKER who was born about 1858 in Indiana.  

Also living with Morgan and Ruanna (Crusick) Brinker was Lidia A.Brinker who was born 
1841 in Indiana.  It is believed she is a sister to Morgan, however, this has not 
been documented either.

The known migration route of this BRINKER line is:  Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois 
Missouri and Arkansas, with one of Morgan and Ruanna's children reaching the 
great state of Texas.

This site is dedicated to all the many genealogy angels I've encountered along 
the path.  A very special thanks goes out to the relatives I've come to known 
during my search of the elusive Morgan BRINKER; with your love, time, effort, 
support and information - this site might never be. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you for your 
constant help and support.  Major contributors of this site are:  Otis BOREN, 
FOLEY, Joyce FOX, Barbara MASSEY, Peggy THOMPSON PAYTON, Bert F. SCALES, Brenda 
ROSS STASBURG and Pam TOWNE. If I've missed listing your name, it was by error 
only, my appologizes.

If you are descended from Morgan BRINKER, I would love to hear from you and 
compare notes.  

As with all research, there is always a possiblity of errors or omissions.  I welcome 
any new additions or any corrections to this database. Any associated 
documentation is appreciated as well. You will be noted as the source of the 

Please email me at:

This site is a work in progress.  Check back often.  Enjoy!

February 2008
Thanks to Russell Willhot of Indiana who has gone above and beyond in researching the 
BRINKER families in Decatur County, Indiana.  Russell located information for me that 
gave me Morgan BRINKER's parents names, as well as several other siblings.  Many 
Thanks Russell!!
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Ancestors of Brinker, Morgan
Note: for privacy reasons names of living persons are excluded.
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